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Weekly linkdump (week 30)

Weekly linkdump (week 30)

TempleOS in 100 Seconds
TempleOS is an open-source 64-bit operating system created by Terry Davis and designed to be the Third Temple prophesied by the Bible. I…

Ready or not, the Glassholes are coming back
Much has changed over the past decade.

The Apple Store Time Machine
An interactive experience that recreates memorable moments in Apple history with painstaking detail and historical accuracy.

Elon Musk reportedly had an affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s wife
The WSJ reports the affair prompted Brin to file for divorce

Nathan Baugh on Twitter
The most important skill you’ve never been taught:Storytelling10 dead-simple tips to make you a better storyteller:— Nathan Baugh (@nath…

Virtual x86
Run KolibriOS, Linux or Windows 98 in your browser

Excel Formula AI Bot
A free tool that provides users with the Excel formula based on problems people are trying to solve, using AI.

The metaverse comes for Mythic Quest in first season 3 teaser
New company, same old HR complaints in the Apple TV Plus show — but Joe Manganiello is there

Getting acquainted with death and Mexican tradition through Grim Fandango
Death. “The greatest of all human blessings” according to Socrates, “a very dull and dreary affair” to W. Somerset Maug…

0.4mm nozzles just became obsolete
Are you still using a 0.4mm nozzle? You probably shouldn’t be!
Thanks to Fiberpunk for sponsoring this video! Check them out at https://…

Humane Ships Something
Link to: https://hu.ma.ne/

Humane ™ on Twitter
It’s time for change, not more of the same. pic.twitter.com/I6K5FVYzx2— Humane ™ (@Humane) July 19, 2022

A compact pane for fine-tuning parameters and monitoring value changes

JavaScript SDK “Package Size is Massive” – So we reduced it by 29%
Developers started to notice just how big our JavaScript package was and yeah, we knew. We weren’t ignoring the issues; after all, we do…

RedwoodJS vs. BlitzJS: The Future of Fullstack JavaScript Meta-Frameworks – RisingStack Engineering
RedwoodJS & BlitzJS are meta-frameworks that provide tooling for creating SPAs, server-side rendered pages & statically generated conten…

Games like Stray and Endling are creating more realistic animals

The Verge’s back-to-school gift guide