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 Vision Pro

Some thoughts on  Vision Pro.
 Vision Pro

Like every nerd, I have watched hours and hours of Apple Vision Pro reviews over the past week. The two I enjoyed most were the ones by Casey Neistat and Cleo Abrams.

The reason that I like their review above others is that a lot of other reviews focus primarily on the tech inside. Yes, it's a first-generation product, and yes, it has a lot of faults. But those reviews focussing solely on the technical side seem to forget that the word vision has multiple meanings:

The faculty or state of being able to see.The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

In my opinion, the Apple Vision Pro is all about the second meaning. It's a first-generation device that shows us how the future could /should be. It might be a bit cloudy to imagine it now - because people wearing ski goggles look ridiculous. Let's not forget that it is version 1, and I'm looking forward to every iteration of this idea. Just being able to bring your apps, the Internet, and everything with you inside this spatial environment will change the world.

For the better.

Like Casey and Cleo in the videos, I'm very excited about where this will take us. And I want one.