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Tech time: Doom & Next.js 13

Tech time: Doom & Next.js 13

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The early days of id Software

I’m currently reading Masters of Doom, a book about how John Carmack and John Romero founded one of the most iconic gaming companies: id software. It’s full of anecdotes on shareware, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D and – of course – DOOM.

YouTube must have been spying on me because it suggested me this wonderful talk by Romero, which basically covers the same thing.

Next.js 13

My favorite full-stack React framework launched a major update. It features a new router, server-side components and some other nice things such as lightweight image generation.

However, there has been some backlash from the broader ecosystem, React is getting more and more intertwined with Next.js. Which isn’t really a good thing because React itself should not be opinionated towards any framework.

The Metaverse is the world’s deepest money pit

Here’s a good video essay about why the Metaverse is a total waste of time, effort and people.

The insane graphics of Call of Duty

You’ve probably seen this by now. The new Call of Duty game features some extremely hyperrealistic 3D-rendering. The first time I saw the video’s of how good the Amsterdam level looks, I thought it was a hoax and someone just put a filter on real video footage. ????

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