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Studio.Fuckhedz #14

Studio.Fuckhedz #14

It's already been over a year since I last created a playlist, but as I was walking back from bringing the kids to school this morning listening to Phosphorescent's excellent new single "Revelator", I felt the urge to create a new one again.

I've just gotten back from a wild work trip to Brazil. What a beautiful country with such amazing people—but man, that heat was no joke. Temperatures were pushing 33°C, but the crazy humidity made it feel even hotter.

Being back home made me appreciate our climate again, especially on days like today with that perfect winter sunshine. It's cold for sure, but you can just bundle up in all your coziest layers and it feels great. That's exactly the vibe I'm going for with this new playlist - it's like a warm musical blanket to wrap yourself in on these sunny yet chilly days.

I wanted to capture that feeling of curling up inside while the world outside is bright and crisp. The kind of songs that just wrap around you like a hug when you need a little dose of soul warmth. They'll have you dreaming of sipping hot chocolate by the fire, watching the cold outside your window.

  1. Phosphorescent - Revelator
  2. Bill Ryder-Jones - I Know That It's Like This (Baby)
  3. Taylor Swift - coney island (feat. The National)
  4. The National - Laugh Track (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
  5. Better Oblivion Community Center - Chesapeake
  6. Bright Eyes - Napoleon's Hat (Companion Version)
  7. Brian Eno & Fred Again - Enough
  8. Lana Del Rey - A&W
  9. Sufjan Stevens - So You Are Tired
  10. Black Country, New Road - The Place Where He Inserted the Blade
  11. Indigo De Souza - Younger & Dumber
  12. Eels - TIME

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