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Link dump - week 36

Link dump - week 36

Let’s write a brief introductory paragraph this week. This is a summary of all the interesting links I’ve saved to my bookmark manager, Raindrop.io, in the past week.

Every week, a small script starts on an Amazon server, and automatically creates a draft blog post on my website, which I then edit and review. I usually create a stupid featured image with DALL-E 2 or Midjourney, but this week I tried out stable diffusion, a new open-source AI algorithm you can run for free, and that even runs on Apple’s M1/M2 chips (see instructions below).

I began working at Automattic yesterday, and so far, it has been a blast. The first two weeks will be a support rotation, learning the ins & outs of the company. I’ve met my team yesterday, and it looks like we’ll be having some good fun pretty soon.

Be sure to check out the performances of IDLES and For Those I Love below. These two bands are very close to my heart, and I’m sure you’ll like them too.


▶️ Why we need more JavaScript frameworks
A quick look at Solid compared to React, and why keeping up with all the JS frameworks is a must….

Hyper Fetch – Ultimate fetching solution | Hyper Fetch – Ultimate fetching solution
Follow the flow of modern data exchange

JSON Crack – Crack your data into pieces
Simple visualization tool for your JSON data. No forced structure, paste your JSON and view it instantly.

▶️ Magic tricks with the HTML parser | HTTP 203
⚠️⚠️⚠️ It’s colleague Bramus!!!!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️

▶️ New in Chrome 105: Container Queries, :has, the Sanitizer API, and more!
Chrome 105 is rolling out now! Container queries and :has() are a match made in responsive heaven. The new Sanitizer API provides a robu…

Understanding useMemo and useCallback
What’s the deal with these two hooks?! Lots of devs find them confusing, for a whole host of reasons. In this tutorial, we’ll dig deep a…


Islamic State Turns to NFTs to Spread Terror Message
National-security analysts see a potentially dangerous platform for recruiting and funding.

Draw Anything – Stable Diffusion Playground

‘How the Apple AirTag became a gift to stalkers
A gadget the size of a 10p coin, the AirTag was intended to help people find their keys. Instead it has facilitated a boom in terrifying…

“Writing an app is like coding for LaserDisc”
11 years ago to the day, I was at a tech conference. It was 3 year after the iPhone had launched its app SDK. Those of us who had been i…

LG is bringing NFTs to its smart TVs

Run Stable Diffusion on your M1 Mac’s GPU
How to run Stable Diffusion locally so you can hack on it

Stable Diffusion Is the Most Important AI Art Model Ever
A state-of-the-art AI model available for everyone through a safety-centric open-source license is unheard of.


▶️ The Last of Us Part 1 – PlayStation 5 – The Digital Foundry Tech Review
A contentious release for many, with Naughty Dog remaking a PlayStation 3 classic that already has an impressive PS4 Pro version that ru…

▶️ You SHOULDN’T hate the Blue Shell
The Blue Shell is Mario Kart’s most HATED item. In every single Mario Kart game since 1996, this one item attacks players and causes RAG…


▶️ South Park the 25th Anniversary Concert (Full Broadcast Version)
South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert features co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone taking the stage to perform songs from the show’…

▶️ For Those I Love – Live at The Olympia Theatre
For Those I Love – Live at The Olympia Theatre
November 17th, 2021

▶️ IDLES live at Le Bataclan in Paris, Dec 2018 (Full Concert)
Full performance of IDLES live at Le Bataclan in Paris, Dec 2018 followed by a Q&A with Joe.


▶️ Sneaking In Worlds Most Secure Festival Through A Secret Tunnel
Sorry Michael Eavis, please don’t ban me.


▶️ This is the most interesting roof in London.
The @Royal Albert Hall is 150 years old; the roof is 600 tonnes of glass and steel. And it turns out that there’s a terrifying technici…

▶️ Five Days at Memorial — Creating the Storm | Apple TV+
For the production designers on Five Days at Memorial, re-creating Hurricane Katrina was no easy feat. Find out how the crew re-created …