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Back to WordPress(.com)

Back to WordPress(.com)

After some years of running this blog on Ghost, I’ve decided to switch back to WordPress.

Ghost has made incredible progress during the past 9 years. But their focus has been on paid memberships and empowering creators for a while. This change of direction made me feel I’m not their target audience anymore. I’m just a simple blogger who likes to write down stuff quickly.

I’ve been using WordPress since before version 1.0 (but lost sight some years ago). While checking out alternatives to Ghost, I became very impressed with the new block editor WordPress offers. It’s probably the best editor there is. So, I decided to switch back to WordPress.

The block editor

I choose WordPress.com hosting because I don’t want to update versions every time manually.

While migrating data from Ghost to WordPress (easy thanks to the Ghost Importer & Auto-upload images plugin) I also decided to make some minor modifications to this website.

Even though I find it more comfortable to write in Dutch, I’ve decided to focus on English from now on. My English posts are far more popular than my Dutch posts. I’m also trying to make my English a bit less rusty.

Voor stomme dingen die typisch Belgisch zijn ga ik natuurlijk nog wel in het Nederlands schrijven.

I’ve also opted for a more minimal theme. I hope this lowers the barrier for posting smaller stuff more often.

There’s one more reason why I switched to WordPress … but you’ll have to wait a bit more to find out.