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The iPhone 14 Pro camera is out of this world

The iPhone 14 Pro camera is out of this world

When Apple introduced the iPhone 14 Pro, my mind was blown by the dynamic island. Together with the always-on display, it justified upgrading for me.


Now, about a month later, I can say that the feature that stands out the most is the new 48MP camera. Especially with RAW.

To begin with, the dynamic range of the sensor is incredible. It’s been a while since I’ve used a professional camera, but the headroom this sensor has is incredible. Check this comparison:

Left: JPEG, right: RAW

This combined with all the extra detail you get, thanks to the extra pixels, give you a camera that rivals real camera’s in many situations. True, things get noisy at 100%, but this is really incredible.

Look at these butterfly at full size and 100%:

One major downside about the camera is that taking a RAW picture takes around 1-2 seconds, so it’s less spontaneous than just snapping away. And, you can’t shoot 48MP JPEGs with it. Two things they’ll probably solve in the iPhone 15.